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Conduct site surveys and capture dimensions

With Spike, sign and graphics professionals can quickly measure signs by capturing the width, height and area of a space – simply by taking a photo from your smartphone or tablet. You can measure existing signs for replacement or maintenance or measure areas for a new placement. Spike can be used for all kinds of advertising and signage, from channel letters to monument signs and pylon signs.

Spike for signage


Spike Stories: Gordon Sign


With its 111-year history, Denver-based Gordon Sign is the oldest sign company in Colorado. Follow along as Glenn Chambers, account executive and designer for Gordon Sign, uses Spike for site surveys, design mockups, estimates, and permit applications.

“Having those quick measurements makes life easy,” Chambers says. “I always hear from clients that they’ve had to wait anywhere from a few days to two or three weeks to get a design from other sign shops, so turning around a design so quickly really helps in staying ahead of competition. Overall, Spike easily cuts the time I spend on a signage project in half.”

Spike for signageQuickly Capture Measurements and Conduct Site Surveys


Spike is ideal during the initial site survey and measurement process. You can simplify site surveys and estimates by easily measuring the dimensions of a sign or location for a new sign without ladders or bucket trucks. Not only can you save time and money on site surveys with Spike, but by turning estimates around faster, you can also win more jobs.

Measure when and how you want using the Spike app on your smartphone or tablet or from your desktop using the cloud-based tools. Whether you work out in the field or in an office, you can view or measure your photos at any time.

Measurements are recorded with the photo and can be exported as a PDF or high-res JPGs, so they can easily be shared with your customers or designers. The photo record can also be used to create design proofs, add photo verification to estimates and complete permit applications. Photos can be accessed at any time for remeasuring, eliminating the need to return to the location for additional measurements.

Point to Point

Point-to-Point: Size up equipment and assess installation


Point-to-Point Measurements help you determine your clearance between the side of a building and landscaping, the height of a light or flag pole, the correct-size lift to reach the top of a sign, access points for an installation team, or heights of pylon signs. Aim Spike at an object, such as the base of a building, and take a photo. Then, aim and take a photo of your second object, such as the top of a sign. Spike will calculate the distance between those two objects.

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