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For quickly and safely capturing measurements and location

Spike allows you to measure objects, such as buildings, facilities, or assets, simply by capturing a photo from your smartphone or tablet. From that photo you can measure heights, widths, areas, lengths, and cutout areas. In addition, you can quickly and safely capture a target’s location, your location, and a scaled image of the target. Location data includes latitude, longitude, and altitude.


Quickly capture assets and assess hard to reach objects


Spike enables you to evaluate and catalog physical structures, such as buildings, statues, landmarks, and oil or gas tanks, by capturing positional data (Latitude, Longitude, Altitude) remotely. You can also measure hard-to-reach objects that would have otherwise required additional equipment, labor or tools. All it takes is one person to capture all the measurements you need, and while from a safe location and distance. Each photo can be exported as a KMZ file and imported into popular GIS tools, such as ArcGIS and Google Earth.

Spike for energy efficiency

Measure Objects From A Distance


Take a photo of the object you want to measure, such as a building or wall, using the Spike app and your smartphone or tablet. From that photo, capture measurements in real-time including height, width, area, length, and cutout area. Photos can be measured using the Spike app or the online-cloud based tools. You can access your photos at any time to remeasure, eliminating the need to return to the location for additional measurements.

All measurements are saved with the photo, and can be exported and shared with your team, colleagues or customers. Use the exported photo and measurements as photo verification for reports or evaluations. The Spike app and cloud allow you to select the export format for your needs. From the Spike app you can export photos and measurements as a JPG, PDF, Spike file (XML), or KMZ. Photos that have been uploaded to the cloud can be exported as a PDF, JPG (with measurements or image only) or a viewable URL.

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