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Quickly size up buildings and projects

By equipping yourself with Spike for surveys, collecting design and planning measurements is a much faster and easier process. You can measure buildings or walls from a single photo and quickly measure heights, widths and areas. This means you can survey without additional equipment or labor, reducing survey time to minutes. Measure in real time while on-site by using the Spike app or measure back at the office from your desktop using the cloud-based tools.


Time to measure is reduced to minutes

Simplify Surveys & Data Collection


When working on existing buildings, whether commercial or residential, Spike allows you to capture measurements — from a single photo. Simply capture a photo with Spike and your smartphone or tablet, and then measure heights, widths, and areas of a wall or building. Photos can be measured using the Spike app or the cloud-based tools. You can access your photos at any time to remeasure, eliminating the need to return to the site for additional measurements.

All of your measurements are saved with the photo and can be exported and shared as a PDF, JPG, Spike file (XML), KMZ or viewable URL. Use the measurements for project planning, designs and estimates. Photos and measurements can also be shared with your team or subcontractors, so everybody working on the project can prepare with the right tools and materials for their jobs.

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